CITY AS A STAGE: Lost modernistic utopias


Authors/ artists: Filip Jovanovski, Miodrag Kuch
Participants/researchers/performers in the process so far (2021-2022): Miodrag Kuch, Filip Jovanovski, Jana Brsakoska, Ljubisa Arsić, Simona Dimkovska, Kristijan Karadjoski, Boris Bakal, Kulturno EHO, City Scope, Luna Shalamon, Deniz Ajdarevic, Denica Stojkovska as and students from the Faculty of Architecture Skopje: Tamara Dzerkov, Dimitar Milev, Sandra Nikolovska, Bojana Isijanin, Stefan Tankov and students from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts Skopje: Aleksandar Jovanovski, Martina Danailovska, Marija Taleska, Martina Petreska, Ivan Vrtev, Bojana Isijanin, Stefan Tankov, Martina Danailovska.
Co-production team: Boris Vasileski, Aleksandar Jovanovski, Deniz Ajdarevikj, Luna Shalamun
Curatorial support: Ivana Vaseva

DOMCHE, an object/sculpture/monument with clean and clear abstract forms, was cast in concrete, immersed in the middle, below, between the trees, in the community, close to the street, on the ground floor, almost invisible, but important. In Skopje, concrete was an expression of optimism, light, freedom of expression of the city of solidarity that had yet to be built. In 1926, the brick monument of Mies was demolished by the Nazis, today (1990s), the “monument” of Kiril Muratovski, DOMCHE, is occupied (privatized) by the “capitalists”. These are those historical analogies of nausea. The “text” in the form of twelve stories entitled DOMCHE (perhaps) the smallest brutalist building in the world, was written as part of the long-term artistic interdisciplinary project entitled THE CITY AS A STAGE – Lost modernist utopias. The project through the methodology of reading the object, using different approaches of research and involvement of the community and experts from different fields, using stage means, transforms the public space into a stage on which the problems of the community are “performed”. The stories are written through a research process, work meetings, workshops as well as the use of archives, libraries, video and audio interviews with users of the space, conversations, archival private videos and photos of citizens who were part of life in DOMCHE.”

Main organizer: FRU

Production: FRU/AKTO festival for contemporary arts

Center for Art and Urbanism (Berlin)

Shadow Casters (Zagreb)

Produced by: Faculty of Things That Can’t Be Learned

Supported byMinistry of Culture of the Republic of North Macedonia; EU-funded project Islands of Kinship; Goethe-Institut Skopje; Heinrich Böll Foundation.