Website administration instructions

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Enter the admin

Click the green dot

You can access the administration interface by clicking on the hidden link: the green dot in the bottom right corner of the website. The admin login can be found at

Log in

Enter the administration interface by filling in your login details: your email and your password.

Edit "My profile"

Change your password

After your first login, we recommend changing your password to a stronger one. You can do this in your profile section by clicking on “My profile” in the menu on the left bar.


News administration

In the “News” section you will find posts appearing on the site. Here you can add, edit or delete existing news. If you want to create a new post that is similar in content to a previous one, you can duplicate it and edit that copy. The admin also allows you to do quick edits (or bulk edits for multiple items at once) without going into a full post edit.

News: Required settings

Publication date

The publish date is not displayed to the visitor. However, you can set it to determine the order of posts. If you want the post to appear at the top, set the publish date to “now”. It is also possible to set a future date if you want the news item to appear in the future.

Categories (topics)

Check the boxes according to which topic line the post relates to. The site design is optimized to display a maximum of 2 categories per post.

Tags (news category)

Set the news category by adding the appropriate tag. You can choose from the following categories/tags, which the system will offer you when you type the tag:

  • Coordinators’ news
  • Institutional diaries
  • New Artwork Commissions
  • Podcasts
  • Program

Featured image

The featured image will be displayed in the news list. All uploaded files appearing on the site are stored in the media library. We recommend uploading photos of sufficient size (at least 1000 px on the longer side), but the size of the photos should not be too large (we recommend that they do not exceed 2500 px on the longer side). Large files can slow down your work by taking too long to upload. If you have a large number of large photos, it is better to have them mass compressed before uploading, for example using a simple online tool:

Excerpt text

Excerpt text is optional, it is a short text that will be displayed below the featured image in the news list. If you leave this field blank, the system will automatically borrow the first few lines of text from within the post.

Author of the post

By default, the author field automatically displays the user who is logged in. In case the news item is a project with multiple authors – that is, multiple institutions at the same time, it is possible to tick more than one author. The post will then show a list of the institutions participating in that particular project.

Program (tag)

If you select “Program” as the tag, the system will automatically display the fields to fill in the event information at the bottom of the left post window. Fill in all the details such as: the start and end date of the exhibition, the date and time of the opening, the address of the gallery where the exhibition is taking place and a detailed description of the exhibitors and co-authors of the exhibition. This information will then be displayed on the website in special formatting.

Blocks and widgets

Gutenberg interface

When editing the content of a post, you are in the WordPress interface – Gutenberg. You can add and manage a large number of different modules. To add a new block, click on the plus icon (Add block) and you can either select one of the basic widgets from the menu, or click on “Browse all” to see the full range of widgets that the Gutenberg interface offers in the left panel. You can either edit each block or widget in the small menu above the selected block, or open the extended settings menu by clicking on the three dots icon, where you can also delete the widget.

Text formatting

Use basic text widgets such as “heading” or “paragraph” to add text. For headings, we recommend choosing between h3 and h4, depending on the size of the heading/title you want. (The h1 and h2 headings are the largest and are usually used for the main section headings of the page. Their use would not be beneficial within the post due to their excessive size.) Within a paragraph, we can also use bold or italics on just words, as well as add hyperlinks.

Image gallery

If you only want to add one photo to your post, use the “image” widget. To add a large number of photos at once, we recommend using the “image gallery” widget. Upload all required photos. Choose in the Media Library which photos will be part of the gallery, adjust the desired order of photos (using the drag & drop method) and add them to the post. You can then edit the photos in the post individually, or set the parameters for the entire selected gallery by clicking on the “gallery” icon in the menu above the inserted widget. Choose how many columns the gallery should be displayed in. To be able to view the photos in full size, we recommend that you select the option “Link to” = “Media file”.

Video (uploaded)

You can add a video that you upload directly to the “Media library” by simply using the “Video” widget. Although this method is only used in cases where the video is not already uploaded on one of the video platforms.

Video (embedded)

You can add a video embedded from a video platform such as Youtube, Vimeo, Tiktok or TED. All you have to do is fill in the video URL address and optionally choose the desired display and playback settings.

Always click Update

Don’t forget to click the “Update” button at the top of the screen after each modification to save all changes. If you do not save the changes before closing your browser window, all modifications will be lost.

More info

Advanced settings

There is much more that the Gutenberg editor can do. If you need even more detailed instructions for creating post content, we recommend this simple tutorial or more documentation on the website:

Contact the creator

Are you having problems with something and need advice? Please contact the website creator directly.